Iowa Hi-Potential Referees

About Iowa Hi-Po Team
The Iowa Hi-Po Club (Hi-Po is short for High Potential) is a select group of the most promising referees in Iowa. Each of these individuals has shown the potential to reach the status of National/FIFA Referee.

The group is advised and mentored by current FIFA, Professional, and National Referees in Iowa.  The group is set up to encourage members to work together in training and travel to tournaments in order to improve as referees and recieve advance training.

The individuals in the group have each made a commitment to hard work and being open to mentoring from other referees that know the issues they will face as they advance in their refereeing endeavor. They all have the right personality, fitness, knowledge of the game, and attitude to make it to the highest level. This group also serves to identify those who other referees should be watching if they want to see what it takes to make it, or simply to improve their own officiating. The group tries to take all the tools they have and to fine tune them to help them through a great journey.

The membership of this group changes regularly due to changing personal goals, as well as members reaching their peak advancement. Referees in this group realize, that like the matches they are being assigned, their continued membership is based around on and off field performance, willingness and ability for continuous improvement, and committment to a strong work ethic.

We are always in search of the next group of up and comers to become members of the Hi-Po Club. These names come from many sources; Club assignors, associations, assessors, and other referees. Each of these is asked to identify those who may have what it takes to advance in the refereeing world. Once identified, the Up and Comers are asked to go to different tournaments and camps to be seen by Club advisors and mentors.

Want to recommend someone for our watch list?  Contact your local association or club assignor and ask them to pass along the name to one of the club advisors.

Advisors / Mentors

Terry Vaughn, FIFA Referee
Landis Wiley, US Soccer Professional Referee
Hidajet Tica, US Soccer National Referee
Dan Cataldi, US Soccer National Referee
Doug Jotzke, US Soccer National Referee
Shane Smith, State Director of Assessment