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The purpose of this State Director of Instruction (SDI) site,, is to provide easy access to key educational resources and references in the form of Publications, Videos, Training, and Tests for all Iowa Referees registered with US Soccer.

The intent is for this space to be a ’one stop shop where important information integrated from Box, Brainshark, YouTube, and EasyTestMaker can be found quickly and downloaded easily.

Check here also for News and Announcements, Seasonal subject matter, answers to your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), e-Mail Archives, and for data collected from Surveys and Polls.

Go to for information related to:

- How to Re-register annually with US Soccer,

- Recertification vs. Registration,

- Terry Vaughn Referee Academy,

- How to Upgrade,

- Grade 7A vs. 7B,

- Fitness Tests,

- USSF ID Number,

- Ordering a replacement Referee Badge, and

- Much, much more…

Instructor Toolset

Box – Offers 25 GBytes of space and provides configuration control over our Presentations / Courses, USSF Publications, Videos, Exams and Forms. Draft materials and presentations on which Instructors collaborate in Dropbox will be posted in the Box when finalized.

Brainshark – US Soccer is using Brainshark to communicate online Training Information to the State Referee Associations / SDIs. It is available for free and requires nothing more than an e-Mail address to sign up. Iowa Referee Recertification Modules and just-in-time State Cup Training reside in Brainshark.

Dropbox – Allows us to share very large files that cannot be attached to an e-Mail. Free Dropbox accounts start at 2 GBytes of space that you can use for as long as you like. If you need even more space, they offer individual Pro Plans starting at 50 GBytes and 100 GBytes, and Team Accounts starting at 1 TByte.

EasyTestMaker – A free online test generator to help us create tests and quizzes. We can create multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, short answer, and True / False questions all on the same test. We can also insert instructions and divide the test or quiz into multiple sections. US Soccer Referee Grade 9, 8, & 7, State Referee Grade 6, and Recertification Exams all reside in EasyTestMaker. – From LogMeIn, Inc. offers free and low-cost web conferencing, video conferencing, conference call, and webinar services with all the features and capacity of expensive services.

MailChimp – Mass e-Mail distribution program that allows us to reach every referee in Iowa who is registered with US Soccer. e-Mail addresses are obtained from RefLink / Arbiter.

SDI-IA Box Folder – This State Director of Instruction (SDI) Box Folder contains Referee Grade 9, 8, & 7, State Referee Grade 6, and Bridge Referee Courses, Publications / References, US Soccer Exams, Videos and Forms for Iowa Referee Instructors.

SDI-IA YouTube Playlist – This YouTube Playlist contains Video Clips, former DVD productions from US Soccer, and Podcasts from ussoccerdotcom, FIFATV, mls, PROrefereesUSA, us youth, et. al. that provides valuable supplementary material for Courses / Clinics and Referee Association Meetings.

SurveyMonkey – Allows for 10 question surveys of 100 people or less. If more is needed, then one can upgrade for a modest fee. With this tool, we can solicit course feedback from students and target specific Referee Associations from time-to-time to gather information or target those parts of the state that do not have an Association.

State Director of Instruction (SDI)
R. C. (Chip) Walaska