Local Referee Associations

Local associations are groups of referees who have come together in order to provide an organization in the local areas from which referees in the area can receive regular training. Many associations have assignors that work with the association members to assign games to further the development of referees in the organization.

Whether you are interested in joining a local association, or are simply looking for someone local who can answer questions that arise in your games, the members of your local referee association are always willing to help!

Below you will find basic contact information for each association in the state of Iowa.  Not sure which is closest? Use the form at the bottom of this page to help you find your association!

Association Name: Cedar Valley Soccer Officials Association
Area Covered: Waterloo/Cedar Falls/NE Iowa
Contact Person:Bryan Foster (assignor) Phil Watson (IRC)
Contact Method:Bryan: bfoster@cfu.net Phil: phil.watson@cfu.net

Association Name: Dubuque Area Soccer Officials Association
Area Covered: Dubuque/Far NE Iowa
Contact Person: Merle Leich (President) Danelle Muresan (Vice Pres - club assignor), Mike Palmer (high school assignor)
Contact Method:Paul Lassance: paullassance@mchsi.com Mike: palmer@dubuque.net

Association Name: East Central Iowa Soccer Officials Association
Area Covered: West to Benton, East to Mt Vernon, South to Solon & Washington, Ia.
Contact Person: Mo Jahemi (assignor) Joe Sample (President)
Contact Method: Mo: mjahemi@gmail.com  Joe:jsample@mbci.com

Association Name: Mid Iowa Soccer Officials Association
Area Covered: Greater Des Moines Area - North to Ames, South to Missouri, East to Marshalltown
Contact Person: Lou Agocs
Contact Method: 

Website: http://misoa.iowareferees.org

Association Name: Quad Cities Soccer Officials Association
Area Covered: Quad Cities
Contact Person: Bob Osborne
Contact Method: Bob: boboref16@aol.com

Association Name: South East Iowa Soccer Officials Association
Area Covered: South East Iowa - Muscatine and South
Contact Person: Ted Schneider
Contact Method: Ted: tschnei@lisco.com

Association Name: Siouxland Soccer Officials Association
Area Covered: Sioux City - Northwest Iowa, East to Fort Dodge
Contact Person:Okey Abara(assignor), Reggie McCloud (President)
Contact Method:Okey: misterok@msn.com; Reggie: rsmccloud6@aol.com

Association Name: West Iowa Soccer Officials Association
Area Covered: Council Bluffs and Southwest Iowa
Contact Person: ed conway (assigner)warren lee, (co-assigner)
Contact Method:ed: edxconway@cox.net warren: warrlee@cox.net

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